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5 Things You Need to Know (07/07/2019)

by Suzy Lindeke

Here’s an advanced look at what’s in the 5 Things for Sunday. RECEPTION FOR MARCUS AND CARLA SNEDEKER SUNDAY, JULY 7 AFTER WORSHIP IN THE ATRIUM Marcus and Carla are long-time JK Mission Partners serving with New Tribes Missions PNC/Ethos 360 in Papua New Guinea. They are on furlough this year and we are blessed […]

5 Things You Need To Know (06/09/2019)

by Suzy Lindeke

CELEBRATING THE PROMOTION OF JK KIDS (8:30AM SERVICE) THEY’RE MOVING UP TO OUR JK STUDENTS PROGRAM This year we have the joy of promoting 18 students from our JK Kids ministry up to JK Students. We celebrate this milestone together in community by giving them a Teen Life Application Bible that helps them go deeper […]

Belize 2 Relections by Susan Basher

by Suzy Lindeke

Belize 2 Mission Trip, November 7-11, 2013 This was my first mission trip. I was not dreading it, but was not necessarily filled with excitement either.  It is hard to tie up loose ends at home and look forward to what you do not know… but I had an expectation that I would see God […]

Belize Video

by Dave Roberts

Perhaps you missed church yesterday, or perhaps you just want to watch the video of our students in action in Belize…either way here it is: