June 4, 2020

The events of these past weeks remind us that our labor for justice must continue. We are heartbroken by the unjust deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless others who have been stripped of human dignity and subjected to violence and indecencies. We renounce racism, injustice, and the abuse of power as sin and contrary to the clear teaching of Scripture.

We, the Session of John Knox Presbyterian Church, join with the Board of the Seattle Presbytery in lament, and confess our own sins of inaction and complacency with the status quo from which we benefit. We resolve to actively discern God’s will to guide us in speaking out and laboring for justice “until race is not a barrier to the experience of being fully human”.

John Knox Presbyterian Church Session

The Rev. James E. McPherson Thatcher Kelley
The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Saur Nolan LaFrombois
Haley Ballast Chris MacRae
BJ Bell Randy Pargman
Steven Davolt Robert Ruiz
Teresa Dunn Emma Skjonsby
David Floyd Salli Talmadge
Kyle Heck Emily Thatcher
Pat Herd

The Seattle Presbytery Executive Board’s Document of Lament and Resolve is available here.