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Fellowship and Prayer

Please join us 5 minutes after worship for our Atrium Fellowship time. Your Atrium Host, Hollie Robins-Jennings will be there to greet you. From the Atrium, you can be transferred to the connect/fun group with Carys Parker or to the sermon discussion group with Pastor Jimmy or you can stay in the Atrium with Hollie if you have questions about John Knox.

Here’s the link to our Zoom Atrium Fellowship:

Meeting ID: 930 9700 5550 | Password: 876769

 If you are in need of prayer, please join the Zoom Prayer Room. Mike Fuchigami, Moderator of JK Deacons will be there to prayer with you.

 Here’s the link for the Zoom Prayer Room:

Meeting ID: 940 0725 3216 | Password: 339523