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Following worship on Sundays, about 5 minutes after the Benediction, come join the Atrium Fellowship meeting on Zoom. Once you check into the Atrium you can

  • Stay in the Atrium to ask questions about JK with host Hollie Robins-Jennings
  • Join a sermon discussion group with host Pat Herd or
  • Be part of a connect/fun group with host Carys Parker

It helps the Atrium host to know who you are by making sure that you have your name listed when you join the Zoom meeting. Once you enter the Atrium, you can change your name by going to the top right corner of the window and right clicking on the three dots. A drop down menu appears and you’ll see “rename” as one of the selection. Click on that and type in your name. Also, it’s helpful to know which group you’d like to attend so after your name, please add a – A to remain in the atrium to ask questions about John Knox, – S for sermon discussion group or – C to join the connect/fun group.

It would look like this: your name-C (for connect/fun group).If this is too confusing, the Atrium host will work with you on Sunday after other attendees have been moved to their desired rooms.

Here’s the link to join the Atrium Fellowship:

Meeting ID: 982 6328 1899 | Password: 241967

We’ve created a separate, dedicated Zoom meeting just for prayer. It will take place at the same time (5 minutes after worship). Your host this week is Pastor Jon Saur.

Here’s the link for the Zoom Prayer Meeting:

Meeting ID: 991 8436 2318 | Password: 706319

Hope to see you there!