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You don’t have to journey to the far reaches of the globe to enter the mission field. Volunteer opportunities abound right here in our own neighborhood.

Founded to “bridge the gap” between special needs adults and the community by bringing us into fellowship at functions such as the Sunday Evening Celebration, hosted once a year at John Knox.
How you can help: Serve as a van driver; offer encouragement through a Circle of Friends support group; help host a Sunday Evening Celebration.

A community ministry that began in the manse garage at John Knox over 20 years ago. Today the Food Bank distributes over 300,000 pounds of food to hundreds of neighborhood families whose cupboards are bare.
How you can help: Volunteer to stock shelves; collect or distribute food; share fresh vegetables from your own garden.

Founded in 2000 as an ecumenical outreach by twelve sponsoring churches (John Knox included), Hospitality House is the only shelter for homeless women in South King County. More than a shelter, it provides a 90-day program designed to stabilize residents and provide them with home, health and hope.
How you can help: Volunteer to provide an evening meal; serve as an overnight volunteer; help with a fundraising event; provide professional services such as haircuts and money management.
Contact: Jan Lentz

Founded in 1980 by John Knox member Crystal Bullis, this lending library for the blind and disabled now offers over 1,300 Christian titles on tape to over 550 patrons in the United States and Canada.
How you can help: Volunteer to read books onto tape/compact disk; duplicate tapes; mail tapes out, check tapes in; offer general administrative support.
Contact: Roger Neubauer

With the Word of God, the Union Gospel Mission provides hope to the hungry, homeless and hurting people of Seattle by working to meet their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.
How you can help: Volunteer at the shelter; pray for the residents; make a donation.
Contact: Glenn Olson at UGM

Refugees have come from Viet Nam, Laos, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sudan, Romania, Togo and Eritrea seeking refuge and freedom. They come with personal stories of flight, persecution, civil war, and years languishing in refugee camps. Arriving in America, these strangers in a foreign land have discovered the open arms of the John Knox community.
How you can help: Greet refugees at the airport; donate household goods for their first home in America; teach them English.
Contact: Karleen Kennedy

A non-denominational Christian organization committed to introducing youth of Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith while providing strong, positive influences in their lives.
How you can help: Volunteer to work as a Leader; pray for the youth of South King County
Contact: Bob Thompson

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