In its sixty-year history, John Knox Presbyterian Church has received many generous, one-time gifts and bequests. However, the Church has never had a mechanism for receiving these gifts other than to include them in the general or designated funds of the church for annual distribution. In particular, there has never been a mechanism to build an endowment to fund the longer-term ministry concerns of the congregation. The John Knox Presbyterian Church Legacy Fund is a formal structure that will better serve those donors interested in making one-time and planned bequests for the long-term ministry interests and the JKPC mission of Shaping generations to lead lives that reveal God’s grace.

Gifts to the Legacy Fund may include cash donations, stocks, annuities and bequests, principal from the sale of a house or business, real property, or any other financial instrument acceptable to JKPC. As this fund grows, expenditures may be made from the Legacy Fund to help finance the following key areas: Capital Needs, Innovative Ministry Focus and People Capital.

The Legacy Fund board consists of John Johnson, Bruce MacRae, Leslie Newman, Joe Peritore and Torque Zubeck. Contact Lori Kay, Director of Church Operations with any questions.