Where do I see God working on our mission trip to the Kinyago Dandora Schools in Kenya?

By Debbie Halvorson, team leader

I was blessed by Paul Wambugu, the head teacher at the primary school, as he led devotions at our Feb. 16th time together. He shared from 1 Kings 17: 1-15.  It was about Elijah being fed by the ravens.  Elijah was entirely dependent on God, his provider and our provider…Jehovah Jirah.  The God of Israel and the God we serve will not let us lack.

There is always enough!

He ended his devotion saying “God is our trustworthy hope.  In God we shall never lack.  He makes good what we think is not good.  The favor of God is within us and upon KDS.”

I was blown away by his faith and trust.  The families in this area are the poorest of the poor.  It is hard to imagine what they go through to get food and water.  Yet, in the midst of that, they turn to God, their Jehovah Jirah.

The leadership at both schools lives this way, and they teach the children this also.  God is providing, and He is glorified. God blesses His people.

You can hear more amazing stories of how God is working in Nairobi, in the slums of Dandora. We will be sharing during the church services on March 17th, and would like to invite you to a luncheon after the second service to see pictures and hear more of the ways you have been with us as co-mission partners. Please come and celebrate!!


You can view some of the images from the trip

Kenya Pictures