Class meets July 7-September 1 (no class on August 4) at 8:30am

July 7 – Meet in the Sanctuary to watch the movie

July 14-September 1 – Class will continue in the Chapel

This summer, JK is offering an 8 week inter-generational video study on Living Godspeed (no class August 4).

This class asks, what if the future of the church depends on our ability to slow down and get to know people? Godspeed begins with the story of a pastor, from Seattle, with a pocket full of sermons, who lands in a Scottish parish. Together we will explore the implications of moving at Godspeed in our context. Join us as we explore how to be present and attentive to the place God has placed us and to the people around us.

All are welcome to attend.

A companion book is available at the Welcome Center.

Living Godspeed is a Documentary Film by The Ranch Studios Written by Matt Canlis with appearances by Eugene Peterson, N.T. Wright, Alan Torrance, Granny Wallace and Colin Presly | Executive Producer Brian Canlis |  Filmed & Edited by Danny Lund