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Online Giving Options

by Suzy Lindeke

JKPC has several online giving platforms which make giving to JKPC as easy as paying bills online or buying widgets from your favorite online retailer. We would love for you to check out the new ways to give and see if one might work for you. 1. Through Realm. You can give right in your […]

5 Things You Need To Know (05/19/19)

by Suzy Lindeke

Here’s an advanced look at what’s in the 5 Things for this coming Sunday. YOUTH CONFIRMATION CLASSAN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN, SHARE AND GROW This Winter, JKPC held a Confirmation Class for our High School students. In this class, students asked questions about faith, learned about the historic confessions and creeds of Christian faith and explored what […]

5 Things You Need To Know (05/05/2019)

by Suzy Lindeke

SEATTLE PRESBYTERY MEETING THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT Thank you to all the wonderful folks who showed up to help out at the Presbytery meeting on Tuesday. Our campus looked gorgeous and you all went above and beyond to offer outstanding hospitality and a welcoming environment for our guests. Your hard work was very much appreciated! […]

What is Ash Wednesday?

by Suzy Lindeke

By Marla Evans Through the new eyes of a diehard Evangelical Until this year I have never sought an in-depth answer to this question.  Raised in a typical 1970’s Evangelical tradition it quite frankly never came up.  In 1987, as a new student at Pacific Lutheran University, I remember seeing students with smudges on their […]

Advent and Christmas – A Message from Pastor Chris

by Pastor Chris Pritchett

People love Christmas music. You can hardly go to a store without hearing people humming along. You cannot go to a restaurant without it being part of the ambiance in the background. You can hardly find a radio station that is unwilling to blatantly blare the music of the holiday. We know that the celebration […]