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From the 2020 Taskforce

by Suzy Lindeke

Dear John Knox Presbyterian Church, God is at work at JKPC! He has brought each and every individual with their gifts and talents and gathered us as a worshipping community here in Normandy Park. Like other church bodies, we exist to glorify God and participate in his redemptive plan. Unlike any other church, we have […]

Digging Deeper: “Joyful Living: The Joy of Freedom”

by Suzy Lindeke

87% of Americans believe in heaven. Most of them believe think of heaven as a place somewhat like earth. What do you think heaven will be like? The predominant Jewish view was not that you immediately to “heaven”. Rather, they believed one goes immediately to a waiting place that eventually leads to heaven. What do […]

Sr High Mission Trip Auction

by Dave Roberts

You are invited! Annual SFM mission trip auction When: Sunday Evening May 18th, 6:00pm What: Each year SFM puts on an auction to raise money to go serve alongside poor churches in Belize.  They work extremely hard, preparing themselves to go.  They create, plan and execute their own VBS program.  They will do construction projects that […]

Digging Deeper “The Joy of Proclaiming Christ,”

by Suzy Lindeke

Pastor Chris began the message by talking about “cloudy vision”. At times, life seems unfair, and God seems to be distant. Can you relate to these types of feelings? Life circumstances often could our vision. We are doing everything right and following God, yet good doesn’t happen as a result of it. For example, we […]

Digging Deeper “Living Joyfully Together: Joyful Living”

by Suzy Lindeke

Pastor Chris started mentioning Paul’s desire for the Philippian church to be the hands and heart of Christ in their context: in their city, in their time. What comes to mind when you think of being the church in our time and in our context? Chris told a story of a lady at a wedding […]

A New Series for a New Season

by Pastor Chris Pritchett

As we enter a new season again, a season of spring, a season of Easter, we begin a new series of messages that will take us from now to the beginning of summer. In this season, as your Session and staff, we’re continuing to grow together in our relationships, and we are continuing to work […]